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Incubator of Lubuskie

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More than 100 thousand economic operators are active in the Lubuskie Voivodeship which makes approx. 3 per cent of all enterprises in Poland.

Most companies are in the Gorzów district (approximately 1,5 thousand economic operators for 10 thousand inhabitants; further places take: Zielona Góra (approx. 1,4 thousand), Słubice district (approx. 1,2 thousand.). Last on the list are: Sulęcin district (approx. 780) and Nowa Sól district (approx. 790) and Wschowa district (approx. 840).

The most rapid increase of the number of companies in the period 2007-2010 was noticeable in two voivodeship cities and in districts of: Słubice, Gorzów Wlkp, and Strzelce-Drezdenko (all of them more than 400 units). In 2007 the enterprises of the Lubuskie region manufactured the GNP amounting to 87 per cent of national average. The development of economic potential of the voivodeship is strongly influenced by the condition of micro (with less than 10 employees) and small enterprises. As of the end of 2010 over 100 thousand such operators were active which constituted 95 per cent of all enterprises active on the territory of the region.

In the Lubuskie region the business activity run by natural persons is predominant. In 2012 their number amounted to 77225. The biggest group are enterprises of four sectors of economy. Trading and repair services are on top. The second largest sector is building, the third one are property management and services for companies. The last one is transportation, warehousing and communications. In 2012 the portion of workers in the industry and building of Lubuskie region amounted to 33,7 per cent of all the employees. The average amount of production sold per inhabitant amounted to 24035 zl in 2012.

Among the distinctive branches of the economy of the Lubuskie region the following should be pointed out: timber and furniture industry, paper industry and food industry. More and more active is the automotive, chemical and plastic industry as well as the industry of building materials – including ceramic ones. There are also good prospects for electronics, textiles and publishing industry. In future the development of the Lubuskie Voivodeship may be also related to the mining industry (deposits of resources of brown coal near Gubin, Brody, oil and natural gas)..

The voivodeship has also well developed sector of services with 55 per cent of all the employees. The most important trade partner of the Lubuskie Voivodeship is Federal Republic of Germany due to the vicinity of the state border. Almost 70 per cent of the goods and services exported by the enterprises of the Lubuskie region go to the German market. The further on the list are: Italy (4,1 per cent), The Netherlands (3,5 per cent) and Denmark (3,3 per cent). The German portion in the imports amounts to over 50 per cent, other significant partners are Italy (7,4 per cent), Denmark (4,2 per cent) and Czech Republic (3,3 per cent).


Two capitals


The leading economic centres of the region are recognized Tree-City of Lubusz Land (Zielona Góra – the Capital of the self-government, Słubice and Sulechów), Łużyce and Gorzów Wielkopolski which is the capital of the voivodeship and the seat of the voivode. In Gorzów there are among other things modern plants of automotive industry (wire harnesses, plastic finishing for vehicles), chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry (medicines for pets) electronic industry (LCD monitors, printed circuits), machine industry and building and trade companies. Some business supporting institutions have been established as well – two incubators of enterpreneurship in which young entrepreneurs put their knowledge into reality of economy. Fair events are regularly organized in the city: fair of European funds, innovation fair, Health, Beauty and Wellness fair, culinary fair or real estate fair. Gorzów Wielkopolski is also the seat of the Western Chamber of Industry and Commerce – young but dynamically developing business supporting institution which organizes among other things the competition Business Leader of the Lubuskie region.

The second capital of the Lubuskie Voivodeship is Zielona Góra, where the seat of the marshal is located. The feature of the southern capital of the voivodeship is variety of trades, with service and commerce being predominant. In processing industry the production of foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages has a long tradition. Further industries are so called small garden architecture, lighting fittings, cosmetics, shoes. But the new economic picture of the city is shaped by completely different trade. This is electronics and information systems – often on the world scale. Companies of this trade present highly innovative solutions. Innovation of the companies is supported by the University of Zielona Góra with strong engineering faculties and the Centre of Transfer of Technologies. There is a network of business supporting institutions in the city, from academic institutions (incubator of enterpreneurship) through self-government facilities (Organization of the Employers of the Lubusz Land, rendering services among other things in the framework of the national system of services for entrepreneurs) down to all-Polish institutions (such as e.g. Investor Service Centre acting at the Regional Development Agency).

Żary is called the capital of the Polish part of the Łużyce region. The predominant is the production of in the timber, glass and automotive industry. Companies with the Polish capital are manufacturers of transmitters, tempered glass and plastic profile edgings. Companies with foreign capital using most modern technologies produce wood-based boards and products, glasses for vehicles and equipment, textiles and vehicle roof systems. The foreign capital invested to date amounts to 500 million Euro.

Since 2005 many companies have invested in Nowa Sól, both foreign ones (among other things from Germany, France, Japan, British Islands, Italy) and many Polish enterprises. The The economic zone of Nowa Sól is the place where many dynamic companies produce foodstuffs, automotive products, electronic product, products of foundry industry, engineering industry and electro-technical products . Sub‑assemblies for the most popular car types, newest drive technologies, parts for big delivery vans, ready cars, LCD TV sets and oriental foodstuffs are manufactured in the city.

Other dynamic economic centres are Kostrzyn on the Oder, Słubice, Świebodzin.


Academic region


Sixteen colleges have their seat in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. Seven of them are branches, consultation points or divisions. The largest regional state college is the Zielona Góra University (UZ). In the academic year 2013/2014 circa 13,5 thousand students studied there at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of studies in full-time and part-time programmes. Moreover the university offers postgraduate studies. It was established in 2001 as a result of the merger of the Zielona Góra Technical University and the Pedagogical University. Young people can study in 54 subjects in more than one hundred specializations in different fields: human, social, economic, nature, science and technical and even artistic. The college has a right to award the assistant professor degree (PhD degree with defended post-graduate thesis) in five specializations and to award the PhD degree in 15 specializations. Full-time post-gradual studies are conducted at six faculties (in 13 branches).

The UZ has built a network of academic institutions around itself. There is a Career Office which organizes yearly Job Fairs. A Centre of Social Research of the Lubuskie region conducts research projects in western Poland. Every year the botanic garden arranged in cooperation with the Zielona Góra University is visited by thousands of tourists. Many students use the opportunities created by the Academic Incubator of Enterpreneurship in which small spin-off/spin-out forms are established in the field of information technologies, advertising and telecommunications.

The most important project of the Zielona Góra University is the Science and Technology Park. It is aimed at creating conditions for utilization of scientific and industrial potential of the region. The project is also designed to stimulate the development of industry in the scope of innovative and advanced technologies and to support ventures that get the Lubuskie Voivodeship closer to the European Union. The main objective of the Science and Technology Park of the Zielona Góra University is to implement the results of scientific research into social and economic practice of the whole region. The unit creates new or develop existing technologies on the basis of technological works and trials on installations using apparatus and specialized equipment. The Science and Technology Park of the Zielona Góra University also supports the process of technology transfer and promotion of innovations and inspires the establishment of small and medium-sized technological enterprises. Details at:


Between science and economy


The University of Zielona Góra has its Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer. The project completes tasks within the university and renders services for all external subjects – natural persons, legal persons, public utility entities etc. It is aimed at stimulation of innovations, promotion of entrepreneurship, actions in favour of transfer of modern technologies and coordination of exchange of information and experience between the University of Zielona Góra and industry, self-government units and business supporting organizations. The Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer is a member of the Consortium “Enterprise Europe Network West Poland” – a network for supporting of technological and commercial cooperation giving local enterprises and institutions the opportunity of establishing international contacts.

Activities of the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer are focused on promotion and more closer cooperation between science and industry be means of training, workshops and conferences for managing staff, specialists, employees of enterprises and for employees of the University of Zielona Góra.

The unit organizes training and courses in: EU funds, protection of rights to intellectual property, information systems, integrated management systems, complex management through quality (TQM). Moreover the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer issues opinions about innovation of an investment, conducts monitoring and evaluation of technological potential and the needs of enterprises in respect of innovations and organizes symposiums, conferences, fairs, seminars and training. The centre conducts technological audits aiming at evaluation of current ability of enterprises to compete in the domestic and international market. Details at:

Apart from the University of Zielona Góra on the territory of the Lubuskie Voivodeship there is the State Vocational College in Gorzów Wielkopolski which has 24 specializations on seven subjects (among other things managing the enterprise, public administration, European administration, information technology in management). The college supports innovations and cooperates with businessmen participating in activities of the Western Innovation Centre and Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship.

The State Vocational College in Sulechów is another college in the Lubuskie region with five subjects (including engineering ones) and 12 specializations. The college fills up a niche important for balanced development because 60 per cent of students come from rural regions and small towns. It realizes EU projects aiming at getting science closer to the economy.

Apart from it the Collegium Polonicum in Słubice is functioning in the Lubuskie Voivodeship which constitutes a joint unit of the Viadrina European University in Frankfurt on the Oder and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The main objective of the university is activitiy in favour of the scientific and cultural Polish-German cooperation.

Moreover in the Lubuskie Voivodship there is the Business College in Gorzów Wielkopolski and John Paul II Western College of Commerce and International Finances teaching social policy and economy. The idea of establishing the college came from the local business circles.


By car, by train, by ship, by plane


The road network on the territory of the voivodeship is distributed relatively evenly. The density of road network in the region per 100 sq. km amounts to only 58,5 km which in the country scale is a low number. But when calculated per 10 thousand inhabitants the voivodeship has a good result (approx. 80 km). The condition of state and voivodeship roads running through the region systematically improves. In 2008 the condition of almost 60 per cent of state roads and 29 per cent of the voivodeship roads of the region was recognized as good and 42 per cent of voivodeship roads were maintained in very good condition.

The Lubuskie region is having problems of the lacking bridges on the Oder river in the traffic routes of important roads e.g. in Milsk on the voivodeship road no.282 connecting Zielona Góra with Wschowa, on the voivodeship road no.DW138 between Gubin and Torzym and the voivodeship road no.DW281, constituting the connection of the northern part of the Zielona Góra district with its seat. The ferry crossings in these places significantly extend the driving time, lower the travelling comfort and in bad weather conditions make journey completely impossible. There are also border bridges missing on the Oder (e.g. in Kostrzyn) and on the Nysa Łużycka river.

The value of train line index in the Lubuskie region per 100 sq. km amounts to 6,9 km and the length of the railway network calculated per 10 thousand inhabitants amounts to 9,5 km. In both cases the Lubuskie region has higher values than the Poland’s average values which in 2009 amounted to 6,5 and 5,3 km respectively. In spite of the beneficiary indices of the length of railway network one should state that this is utilized below its potential and the system of connections may not necessarily reflect the needs of the inhabitants of the region. It is displayed mainly by small amount of long-distance connections.

The overall condition of railway lines of the Lubuskie region is poor. Only main railway lines Berlin - Warsaw and Poznań - Świnoujście constituting a part of the European railway network AGC and AGTC have relatively good parameters.

There is Zielona Góra Air Port in Babimost operating on the territory of the voivodeship. It has relatively good location as far as accessibility in terms of transport is concerned – approximately 10 kilometres from the big railway junction point in Zbąszynek and 35 kilometres from the centre of Zielona Góra. The condition of the airport infrastructure is described as good.

The second longest Polish river the Oder flows across the Lubuskie Voivodeship with its large tributary Warta river and Noteć river flowing into Warta river. All these rivers constitute the route for inland waterway transport but utilization thereof for this purpose is minor. The Oder is the only Polish river which constitutes the waterway for cargo transport along its entire length. There are river ports on the territory of voivodeship, among other things in Cigacice, Kostrzyn on the Oder, Nowa Sól and Krosno Odrzańskie.


Power of energy


The demand for thermal power in the Lubuskie Voivodeship is estimated at 4 284 MW. The biggest portion of the demand exceeding 60 per cent comes from residential buildings, further are energy consumers relating to industry, trade and services. The biggest portion of demand is covered by network gas (31 per cent) and local coal boiler houses and individual coal heating (21 per cent each). The largest heat and power plants in the region are situated in Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Góra. During the last years modern gas-steam blocks were put into operation in these plants and in the heat and power plant in Kostrzyn on the Oder – these blocks being supplied with fuel from local deposits. The peak demand for electricity in the voivodeship is estimated at approximately 700 MW in a year. The total power reached from sources situated on the territory of the voivodeship amounts to less than 450 MW which means that a little more than 35 per cent of the electricity used comes from outside of the voivodeship. In comparison with other regions of the country the density and diversity of the electricity grid in the Lubuskie region is smaller.

The supply of electricity for the region from the National Electricity System is based on two working 220/110 kV stations – Gorzów Wielkopolski and Leśniów Wielki near Zielona Góra. Responsibility for gas supplies lies on companies of the PGNiG SA capital group, EWE Energia Sp. z o.o. enterprise, and also on local distributors. The supplies of natural gas for the voivodeship come from the national gas transmission system and through imports from Germany and LNG installations.

One of the assets of the Lubuskie Voivodeship are convenient conditions for production of renewable energy, particularly using wind energy, biomass combustion installations, for technology of biogas production and further development of water energy.


Ecological waste disposal


At the end of 2010 in the voivodeship 98 municipal and 34 industrial waste water treatment plants were operating. The majority of them was biological plants including the ones with enhanced nutrient removal. According to data available for 2010 the percentage of inhabitants of voivodeship using waste water treatment plants amounted to 68,4. The difference between cities and rural regions is a disadvantage. At present 93 per cent of inhabitants of cities have access to waste water treatment plants comparing to only 25,6 per cent for inhabitants of rural regions.

The existing infrastructure for wastes and system of management of waste is still operating on the basis of waste disposal through land-filling of wastes although over the last years this trend is being changed towards recovery of wastes. It is so because of the decrease of amount of municipal wastes intended for land-filling in spite of still increasing overall amount of municipal wastes. The portion of biodegradable wastes collected gradually increases – by over 4 per cent for the last 4 years, the portion of wastes separated from mixed wastes by 9 per cent as against 2006 and the portion of selected wastes increases slowly – by 2,3 per cent. In case of industrial wastes the situation is quite opposite, majority of wastes is subject to recovery.


Here the entrepreneurship is being born


In the Lubuskie Voivodeship the Incubator of Entrepreneurship is acting – the Foundation “Western Business Centre of Lubuskie Region” in Gorzów Wielkopolski. A person interested in running business in the incubator may count inter alia on office space, consultancy, marketing and legal advice as well as accountancy advice.

Persons who run business in the incubator may make use of the system of training including the one in the field of self-presentation, self-motivation, management and training in economic law, marketing and other training from projects co-financed by the EU.

An enterprise receives also the assistance in promotion and advertising using aid from PR and marketing agencies for bigger ventures and in raising funds for investments (state and self‑government funds, EU funds, venture capital, business angels, commercial loans).

Another centre of enterpreneurship operating on the territory of the Lubuskie region is the Żagań Incubator of Entrepreneurship in the Centre of Business Information. The centre popularizes and supports entrepreneurship among inhabitants of the City of Żagań but also educates in the field of starting business activity and raising financing from external sources.

The incubator offers office and service spaces, consultancy, training.

The third form of centres of this type is the Incubator of Entrepreneurship in Żary, which is operating within the Foundation „Przedsiębiorczość”(entrepreneurship in Polish). It makes office spaces for business activity (on preferential terms) available to persons willing to establish and develop their own business at the same time reducing costs of functioning. The incubator promotes entrepreneurship in the field of finances, accountancy, management, marketing, economic law and organizes training for entrepreneurs and persons managing small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Incubator of Entrepreneurship is directing its activities at already existing enterprises with significant development potential, with qualified staff, interested in realization of development projects such as expanding selling markets, making selling and customer service more effective, increasing quality of products and management and possibilities of fundraising from the EU.


Association for Supporting of Small Business with the seat in Dobiegniew is operating as a non-profit organisation. It isolated several components within its structures which are aimed at assisting at creation of entrepreneurship through rendering of consultancy-training services as well as financial assistance in starting and developing of enterprises. Within the structures of the Association the following units are operating: Business Support Centre, Business Development Fund, Centre of Vocational Training and In-service Courses and Communal Information Centre.


The Association for Supporting of Small Business popularizes knowledge in the field of organization and management of small enterprises, enhances skills of persons running business activity and conducts activities for adapting of small and medium-sized enterprise to free-market conditions. Its objective is also inspiring of activities aiming at development of not utilized business premises and assisting persons starting their own business activity. It is also striving to create a system of financial support for small enterprises.

The Voivodship Vocational Training Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski is a training and consultancy facility. On one hand it organizes training in diversified fields matching with expectations of employers. On the other hand the consultancy services are rendered in favour of subjects which need specialized assistance in the field of: marketing, finances, law, planning and management, exports, quality etc. The job agency acting within the framework of the Centre renders services for entrepreneurs and natural persons searching for a job. The job agency offers first of all services in the field of complex management of projects and selection and training of staff. Individual persons may expect assistance in finding a job suitable for qualifications possessed.

The State Energy Selection Committee appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office is operating at the Voivodship Vocational Training Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Within the structures of the Voivodship Vocational Training Centre there are also 10 vocational education centres, 15 public schools and 10 nonpublic schools with the privileges of public schools.

Another training and consultancy centre on the territory of the voivodeship is the Regional Centre of the European Social Fund. The Customer of the Regional centre of the ESF may be a representative of any institution being the designer of the ESF or representative of institution having its seat in the other region which is planning to realize the project in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. The ESF centre deals with identification of customer’s needs and submits basic information on the fund. It also renders information services on possibilities to participate in the project co-financed from the ESF. The centre assists at making up of project eligible for co-financing from the ESF, at making up of application for co-financing and ensures assistance at project implementation.

Thanks to the centre all project providers willing to use the ESF support may among other things participate in training in the field of preparation of ESF projects, participate in specialized training concerning directly or indirectly the problems subject to ESF support and use the assistance of consultants. The assistance of the Regional ESF Centres is free of charge.


Regional ESF Centre Gorzów Wielkopolski

ul. Sikorskiego 95

66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

Phone. 95 722 73 25


Regional ESF Centre Zielona Góra

ul. Jedności 19

65-018 Zielona Góra

Phone.68 30 70 938

animator: 535 353 936

consultant: 535 353 936



Voivodship Vocational Training Centre in Gorzów Wielkopolski

66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

ul. Sikorskiego 95
phone/fax 95 720 73 25


Association for Supporting of Small Business

Ul. Mickiewicza 7

66-520 Dobiegniew

phone 95 7611540

fax 95 7639477


Business Support Centre

Ul. Mickiewicza 7

66-520 Dobiegniew

phone/fax 95 7611037


Foundation „Przedsiębiorczość”
ul. Mieszka I nr 13
68-200 Żary
phone +48 /68/ 479 16 00-04
fax. +48 /68/ 479 16 01 lub 04

Training and Consultancy centres


Żagań Local Development Agency Sp. z o.o. (Ltd)

ul. Jana Pawła II 15/1

68-100 Żagań

phone/fax 068 477 10 83


Incubator of Entrepreneurship - Foundation “Western Business Centre of Lubuskie Region” in Gorzów Wielkopolski

ul. Przemysłowa 14-15

66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

Phone 95 7354 900


Also the Agency for Regional Development (Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego Spółka Akcyjna) is operating in the Lubuskie region. Its mission is to take measures to inspire, assist and promote the social and economic development of the Lubuskie region and to activate and support businesses, particularly in the SME sector through implementation of national and European aid schemes. The Agency for Regional Development Joint Stock Company gained the status of a Regional Financing Institution for selected activities of the Operational Programme „Innovative Economy” for the years 2008-2015.

Moreover the following units are operating within the structures of the ARD: Investor Assistance Centre, loan fund and regional consulting office which renders free of charge information services inter alia about available forms of support for entrepreneurs.


Agency for Regional Development (Joint Stock Company)

ul. Sulechowska 1

65-022 Zielona Góra

phone +48 68 327 05 04


Load Fund of the Lubuskie Region

ul. Chopina 14

65-001 Zielona Góra

phone +48 68 329 78 27

phone +48 68 329 78 28


Consulting Office in Zielona Góra :

ul. Sulechowska 1

65-022 Zielona Góra

phone +48 68 329 78 43

ul. Chopina 14

65-001 Zielona Góra

phone +48 68 329 78 27


Information Point of ARD in Gorzów Wielkopolski

ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 1

66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski

phone +48 95 739 03 16


There is the Organization of Employers of the Lubusz Land, operating on the territory of the Lubuskie Voivodeship the main objective of which is to protect rights and represent interests of members associated therein against trade unions of employees, bodies of state authority and administration and self-government. The OELL is open for enterprises of the Lubusz Land regardless of their size, trade in which they are operating or of the kind of business activity.

The OELL conducts a number of initiatives for the entrepreneurs of the Lubusz Land. It is the editor of the magazine “Business of the Lubusz Land” depicting all economic events of the region. Moreover it renders free of charge services for entrepreneurs within the framework of the consulting office. The employers’ representatives work in many fields of the economy of the Lubusz Land. The OELL has its office in Zielona Góra and branch offices in Nowa Sól, Wschowa and Żary.


Organization of Employers of the Lubusz Land

Office Zielona Góra

ul. Reja 6
65-076 Zielona Góra
Phone 68 327 18 81
Phone 68 325 98 58


Branch Office Żary/Żagań

ul. Wrocławska 12
68-200 Żary

Phone 68 415 53 61


Branch Office Wschowa
ul. Niepodległości 3a
67-400 Wschowa
tel. 884 782 630

Oddział Nowa Sól
ul. Inżynierska 8, pok.28

67-100 Nowa Sól

Phone 68 411 44 22


The Entrepreneurship Support Centre is another training and consultancy centre which organizes various courses and training preparing for running own business. The Centre renders services for existing SME’s assisting them at finding sources of financing, selling market, investors, at negotiations with financial institutions, at gaining additional knowledge for running own enterprise.

The institution renders free of charge information and consultancy services, among other things in the field of administrative and legal aspects of running business activity, rules and terms of benefiting from public aid schemes and from other sources of financing of business activity.

Foundation “Przedsiębiorczość”

ul. Mieszka I nr 13
68-200 Żary
phone +48 /68/ 479 16 00-04
fax. +48 /68/ 479 16 01 lub 04


The Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the Lubusz Land is an association supporting entrepreneurship understood both as establishing and running of business activity and as operations among active people who need such support.

The Centre deals with organization of meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, training, courses, conventions, symposiums and fairs. It also raises funds among other things from the EU, in favour of supporting and developing of entrepreneurship. Moreover it conducts information and education activity, renders support including financial for non-government initiatives and organizations and consultancy: for entrepreneurs with particular consideration of the SME sector, for non-government organizations, local government units.


The Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the Lubusz Land

Ul. Kręta 5

65-770 Zielona Góra

Phone: 512 125 480



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